For general information call 949-276-2446


Excellent doctor in all aspects. I recommend him very much.

Vladimir M. | Mar 30, 2024
I am a retired physician and have never had poorer treatment from another doctor. I was admitted to cardiac telemetry from the emergency room after suffering, a cardiac event. I had an urgent angiogram by Dr. workman. Unfortunately, I never saw him again. He never came by my hospital room after the angiogram. I was sent home by a hospitalist without a diagnosis from Dr. Wertman. I have contacted him multiple times to find out a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan but he refuses to speak with me.

Keith M. | Dec 06, 2023
Very Professional

Peter L. | Nov 10, 2023
Went to see Dr. Nguyen to do an echo stress test. I had an ankle injury but we were able to slowly build up to the right stress level. Dr. Nguyen and his staff were polite, professional and had good bedside manner.

Simon M. | Oct 17, 2023
Always a great experience with Dr. Nguyen

ANGELINA A. | Oct 04, 2023
Always pleased with the doctor and his staff

Mary J. | Sep 13, 2023
Friendly and professional. Thorough

Kevin M. | Sep 09, 2023
Friendly and professional.

Kevin M. | Sep 09, 2023
Dr. Wertman is excellent. He is incredibly knowledgeable and very kind and considerate. I appreciate that he took the time to explain what he saw and answered all my questions. Crystal and Nicole were awesome. They are professional amd highly competent, and just as important, they made me feel right at ease, explaining everything we would be doing during the tests and why we're doing it. Dr. Wertman, Nicole and Crystal are highly skilled, personable and friendly. Thank you!

Chris G. | Sep 08, 2023

Brent J. | Sep 08, 2023
Took me in early. Through visit.

Gabriela Y. | Sep 08, 2023
Dr. Matiku is wonderful. Thorough, tells it like it is and very supportive. Highly recommend. Staff is great too. Very professional office.

Wendi M. | Sep 08, 2023
Great doctor and a pleasure to talk to. Both me and my wife are patients.

Chester M. | Sep 07, 2023
Because I went thru a very comprehensive set of tests a few months ago I feel he has a good idea of my abilities. I have other physicians that I see regularly that would let me know if they felt that I needed to see my Cardiologist. My onset of memory loss is very troubling so I will try to find a way to address it. I will not hesitate to see Dr. Wertman if Im concerned about any issue that he should be aware of.

Louise E. | Sep 07, 2023
Dr. Wertman listens carefully and answers all questions. Provides alternatives as requested.

Colleen M. | Sep 06, 2023
love dr Nguyen and all the staff! they are very professional and kind.

Colette C. | Sep 06, 2023
Dr. Wertman is among the best of doctors! He has the knowledge, personality and bedside manner to make any patient feel comfortable. He is very easy to talk to and takes the time to explain everything. I have been seeing Dr. Wertman for a number of years and have always been totally satisfied with him. I highly recommend him and would trust him with my life! Many thanks to you, Dr. Wertman, and your wonderful staff.

Lynette M. | Sep 03, 2023
Dr. Mitiku always makes me feel at ease when discussing my health concerns. He spends as much time as needed to explain courses of action and options. He carefully reviews my current prescriptions and makes recommendations as needed. I value our patient/physician relationship.

Barbara R. | Sep 03, 2023
Dr. Mitiku is great! Very professional and thorough. Thanks.

Aidan O. | Sep 02, 2023
On time and listened to my issues

James K. | Sep 01, 2023
Very personable approach

David B. | Sep 01, 2023
I was in and out of the office quickly. Dr.was very professional and patient when I had asked questions. Overall it was a great visit.

Kelly S. | Sep 01, 2023
Dr. Nguyen is awesome as is the office staff!

Lance M. | Sep 01, 2023
I really appreciated the time Dr Mitiku spent with us and explained the the next steps.

Steven K. | Aug 31, 2023
Technician was very informative.

Vicki L. | Aug 31, 2023
As always Dr. Mitiku always works for betterment of the patients! Great Doctor!

Jagdip M. | Aug 31, 2023
So patient, knowledgeable and helpful! I know I’m being taken by the staff and the doctor. Thank you!

Anna L. | Aug 30, 2023

Ann B. | Aug 29, 2023
Excellent, the MD answered all my questions regarding my Echocardiogram.

Suzanne J. | Aug 29, 2023

Robert V. | Aug 28, 2023
Thank you!

Kristen K. | Aug 26, 2023
Effective and professional care Verbal clarity could be improved

Bill B. | Aug 25, 2023
Doctors and staff are all excellent to work with. Dr Wertman has been my cardiologist for several years. Would highly recommend Coastal Cardiology.

Roger G. | Aug 25, 2023
Great staff. Dr Wertman is very thorough and he listens. His appointments are well taken care of and I do not have to wait long to see him.

Melvyn M. | Aug 24, 2023
Great doctor and staff.

Dorothy S. | Aug 23, 2023
Coastal Cardiology is the best. Dr Wertman his knowledge and sincere caring attitude makes the difference. I do appreciate his honesty and look forward to my next visit

David M. | Aug 22, 2023
It's not my favorite thing to do but Dr. Wertman always makes me feel at ease.

Cynthia A. | Aug 21, 2023
Listened to my concerns as well as reviewing medical data to recommend next steps - this was a follow up appointment.

Arthur S. | Aug 21, 2023
Good care would’ve given a higher rate until I got the notification of what they charge to fill out forms. Luckily I don’t need any forms to be filled out. Yikes ….

Philip G. | Aug 20, 2023
Dr listened to my concerns and reviewed my health information, proceeding to recommend and initiate changes and follow up actions. Was a follow up appointment.

Arthur S. | Aug 18, 2023
Very much in order, excellent interaction and welcoming. Met with Dr N., he was very good at explaining my situation and what is recommended. Im following the advice and look forward to a positive follow up and plan accordingly! I appreciated his direct approach and confidence in how to address.

Alan W. | Aug 17, 2023
Dr. Wertman is very human and kind, and I appreciate the efficiency of the office.

Mickey J. | Aug 16, 2023
Very well run office.

Rick R. | Aug 16, 2023
Everyone involved in my procedure with Dr. Mitiku was extremely professional and attentive. I have a wonderful experience and highly recommend Dr. Mitiku!

Craig C. | Aug 16, 2023
Dr Wertman is always so calm and knowledgeable. He addresses my concerns and is kind.

Tricia L. | Aug 15, 2023
Very precise and thorough!

Daniel L. | Aug 14, 2023
Very satisfied with Dr. Mitiku's care. Ablation procedure went well, resolving my A-fib condition for now and hopefully, far into the future. Much appreciate Dr. Mitiku's thoroughness and expertise. Life is considerably better now!

Joel C. | Aug 14, 2023
Always a pleasure. Clear concise communication of my condition.

Taylor G. | Aug 14, 2023
Monthly follow up for BP monitoring.

Charles W. | Aug 13, 2023
Great Dr and really listens to what your saying

Kay T. | Aug 13, 2023
Very attentive

Mark O. | Aug 12, 2023
excellent service, Thanks Dr.Nirode Mohanty

Sneha M. | Aug 12, 2023
Dr. Wertman is always very thorough in addressing my concerns, and is an excellent cardiologist.

Christina N. | Aug 11, 2023
Dr. Wertman is very attentive. He is an active listener in his diagnostic approach. He provides clear concise feedback as well as next steps.

Scott M. | Aug 09, 2023
Dr Wertman is very nice and patient with the patients . He treats his patients with extra care of their health conditions, just like he is treating his family members ..

Agnes H. | Aug 09, 2023
They take care of and take as long as needed. They understand my condition well and is documented. Dr. Nguyen is great

Carlos G. | Aug 09, 2023
Great results on an ablation procedure. Dr Mitiku does an excellent job explaining procedures and options.

Lawrence B. | Aug 09, 2023

Rosemary H. | Aug 09, 2023
In a word outstanding!

Fabio T. | Aug 08, 2023
Dr. Mitiku is a wonderful cardiologist. He has a kind and caring bedside manner and always answers every and all questions I have. He takes his time with his explanations and I never feel rushed. I find him and his staff very helpful, professional, and knowledgeable.

Maryanne J. | Aug 07, 2023
Dr Nguyen and staff are caring and take their time with you, They are the best

Carol S. | Aug 07, 2023
Doctor Wertman did a wonderful job with my examination. He has a good team too.

Charanjit M. | Aug 07, 2023
Dr Wertman is thorough and gives clear directions

Patricia T. | Aug 07, 2023

Bharati S. | Aug 05, 2023

Ruye X. | Aug 04, 2023
Dr. Wertman was very engaging and was very easy to understand his comments and suggestions

Richard L. | Aug 04, 2023
I’ve been seeing Dr. Wertman, for the past couple years and he’s always been attentive, and was always well read about my case. His office is also well organized, they are very prompt to renew my refills for my medication. I truly appreciate all they’ve done for me.

David S. | Aug 04, 2023
Dr. Mitiku is an exceptionally knowledgeable and caring physician.

Milas K. | Aug 03, 2023

Todd D. | Aug 03, 2023
Dr Nguyen was exceptional. He was personable and more importantly professional. He had familiarized himself with my condition before meeting me and asked pertinent questions to understand it in depth. He even followed up with me after doing additional research on my medications which resulted in taking me off an unnecessary one. I am a fan of Dr Nguyen

Stanley C. | Aug 02, 2023
All staff were very friendly , Dr was very caring, did thorough exam .

Anwaar M. | Aug 02, 2023
Professional, knowledgeable and friendly!

Chris F. | Aug 01, 2023
Professional, helpful and friendly staff!

Chris F. | Aug 01, 2023
Fantastic experience and accurate Electrophysiologist- did 2 ablation and I may get Watchman transplanted too! Great doctors! Thank you

Jagdip M. | Aug 01, 2023
Thorough check up with me regarding heart concerns w Dr. Wertman. Toughest part is because booking an appointment with the scheduler.

Ronald P. | Jul 29, 2023
I felt like Dr Wertman listened to my questions and provided tests to be done. However, based on my symptoms, I think it is dangerous to wait about 2 months to have the tests done. It worries me.

Maryann M. | Jul 28, 2023
friendly, efficient, good communication

Kenneth M. | Jul 28, 2023
Dr Wertman is awesome he always listens and shows he cares.

Karina V. | Jul 28, 2023
Dr Wertman is both professional and caring. He answers all my questions and explains anything I don't understand.

Barbara L. | Jul 27, 2023
Dr. Nguyen is a great doctor!

Victoria H. | Jul 25, 2023
Highly appreciate professionalism and understanding of Dr. Wertman!

Tatyana G. | Jul 22, 2023
Scheduling and check in were very easy. Staff was cheerful and helpful. Dr Nguyen was friendly and knowledgeable. Didn’t feel rushed and all my questions were answered.

Karen V. | Jul 22, 2023
Dr. Mitiku is patient and easy to dialogue with which is much appreciated.

Margaret L. | Jul 21, 2023
Right on time. Dr. Wertman is thorough, professional and kind. I appreciated the appointment. Office staff cordial and helpful.

Susan R. | Jul 21, 2023
Great Doctor! The staff is friendly and easy to work with

Daniel G. | Jul 20, 2023
First visit. Minimal wait time. Nice staff. Dr listened, not in any hurry. Prescribed new rx. For hypertension. Back in a month.

Charles H. | Jul 20, 2023
Great experience

Lisa S. | Jul 20, 2023
Excellent Team, Knowledgeable, kind, would highly recommend

Jayne C. | Jul 19, 2023
They were on time and everyone was super nice!

Michael P. | Jul 19, 2023

Steven M. | Jul 19, 2023
My experience with Dr. Wertman and staff is always very good. The scheduling, follow up before and after and one on one diagnoses/treatment counseling from Dr. Wertman is very positive and reassuring. I am confident in knowing that I am on a healthy track as his patient and that my continued heart health care is important to him and his staff at Coastal Cardiology.

James P. | Jul 18, 2023
Good patient care

Manisha D. | Jul 18, 2023
Doctors (all of them) have always been helpful & professional providers. The stall goes out of their way to make sure I’m all set and have no problems or requests

Gerald M. | Jul 18, 2023
Fantastic experience with Dr. Wertman and the staff.

Mark C. | Jul 18, 2023
Seemed very knowledgable, and very concerned for my well being.

Dirk M. | Jul 18, 2023
Caring, attentive, compassionate

Nancy D. | Jul 18, 2023
Very good

Richard M. | Jul 15, 2023
Everyone at the practice is friendly, professional and educational to their patients.

Brett U. | Jul 15, 2023
Dr Mitiku’s the best Doctor I’ve ever had. Soft and caring.

James B. | Jul 15, 2023
Janice, med asst, excellent. Dr Nguyen personable and patient. Asked questions and listened carefully to responses.

Nancy G. | Jul 15, 2023
Dr. Mitiku is knowlegable, caring and responsive and has a great bedside manner.

David F. | Jul 15, 2023

Angela M. | Jul 15, 2023
Professional and on point!

Eddy L. | Jul 13, 2023
My experience went very smoothly. It was professional and personal at the same time. I highly recommend Dr. Wertman.

Colleen P. | Jul 13, 2023
I am very glad to have your service. Thank you for your great job.

Shurong L. | Jul 13, 2023
Saw doctor fairly quickly. He was pleasant and knowledgeable.

Mark G. | Jul 13, 2023
Dr. Wertman is a knowledgable, caring physician, and a whiz ink the cath lab.

Orson D. | Jul 13, 2023
Dr Wertman was very helpful and listened to me and my needs.

Dawn S. | Jul 13, 2023
Take care of me always very seriously and good. I respect him so much.

Shurong L. | Jul 12, 2023
Extremely knowledgeable and effectively communicated in a reassuring manner

Robert V. | Jul 11, 2023
Professional, friendly, knowledgeable and clean!

Melissa S. | Jul 10, 2023
Dr Mitiku listens and responds to my concerns.

Peter R. | Jul 09, 2023
Dr. Motility listen carefully and communicates well with my cardiologist as well as myself. His nurse Kelly is very responsive and helpful

George B. | Jul 08, 2023
Very good

Leo G. | Jul 08, 2023

Barbara M. | Jul 07, 2023
Dr mitiku is bright talented and caring

Roberta S. | Jul 07, 2023
Dr Wertman seems very thorough and caring. Appointment seemed a bit rushed, but I understand the new financial constraints in medicine. My one concern is occasional difficulty in getting someone on the phone. With iPhone, I do not recognize the caller if the phone number is not in my Contacts, and your office apparently uses phone lines other than the 2446 that I have listed.

Howard L. | Jul 07, 2023
good experience with Dr. Teferi. However, i did not get the EKG or Echo test result yet. Can you send the test results to my primary care doctor (Dr. Steven Lu), please. It is very urgent that need to get clearance from my doctor as soon as possible.

Ezedin A. | Jul 07, 2023
Always professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I trust Dr WERTMAN.

Lucian N. | Jul 06, 2023
Great Doctor and excellent Service all the time .

Abraham S. | Jul 06, 2023
Dr. Wertman is always supportive and takes time to explain details.

Suzanne B. | Jul 05, 2023
Dr Mitiku is very personable and the staff was very patient friendly

Lyle S. | Jul 05, 2023
I’ve seen multiple doctors in the past few months and was shocked to see how little bedside manner they had. It was very hard to get answers to my questions and had the feeling they just didn’t care. Dr Nguyen and his staff were the total opposite of the other visits. He took the time with me and answered my questions and understood my anxiety. I actually received a phone call directly from him to let me know the results of the test I was most worried about. I trust him and feel comfortable knowing that he cares!

Barbara E. | Jul 03, 2023
Dr Huy Nguyen communicated very well my concerns

Jackson Q. | Jul 01, 2023
Dr. Mitiku is an excellent cardiologist and surgeon. He has a pleasant, professional manner, and he explains medical procedures and heart conditions understandably. I highly recommend him particularly for treatment of atrial fibrilation.

Dale F. | Jul 01, 2023
I particularly liked the feeling that, during our appointment, Dr. Wertman was completely focused on me and my issues. He seems like a very caring and open person.

Mickey J. | Jul 01, 2023
I am extremely grateful to Dr. Teferi Mitiku.

Liubov M. | Jun 30, 2023
The team was efficient and caring. I have some mobility issues and they were very helpful and sensitive to my needs.

Robert M. | Jun 29, 2023
Dr. Mitiku and his Staff are well organized and accommodating. Dr. Mitiku is thoughtful and dedicated to arriving at concrete medical solutions to ensure positive medical outcomes. Furthermore, Dr. Mitiku exhibits an exemplary ability to communicate with elderly patience in such a manner as to suggest that he genuinely cares for each patient, their family members and ensures that all questions and concerns are addressed - never letting the patient/family feel the time/commitment pressures that assuredly he personally confronts daily managing his patient/meeting schedule.

Stella K. | Jun 28, 2023
Have been seeing Dr. Nguyen for about 4 years now. Very professional along with his staff. Would highly recommend him.

John C. | Jun 28, 2023
I appreciate the service I received very much. The front desk staff was very friendly and helpful and Dr. Mitiku was great.

Christine J. | Jun 28, 2023
Dr Mitiku is a great doctor. He listened to all my issues and questions with patience, expertise and professionalism. I am new to his practice and look forward to a long time relationship with him. John MacKenzie

John M. | Jun 28, 2023
All was very good

Gary W. | Jun 28, 2023
Excellent communication

Terry O. | Jun 27, 2023
Always a positive experience in this pleasant office. Only area of possible improvement is in responding to the texting system. Dr Mitiku does an excellent job of explaining conditions and what they mean. Would have made a great teacher.

Kathleen G. | Jun 27, 2023
A pleasure to meet Dr Mitiku - very personable - knowledgeable and very clear and to the point on his medical diagnosis and advice to me

Lyle S. | Jun 25, 2023
Dr Wertman is the Best!!!

Angela V. | Jun 25, 2023
Pretty much on time, listens & you don’t feel rushed

Joseph W. | Jun 25, 2023
Very friendly and efficient. Dr. Mitiku thorough and pleasant.

Kathleen P. | Jun 24, 2023
Great appointment

Tyler M. | Jun 22, 2023
I’m very happy with Dr. Wertman, and would refer him to any friend of mine who needed a cardiologist.

Carole K. | Jun 22, 2023
Very caring and took time For all questions

Lynn G. | Jun 22, 2023
Dr Wertman is an outstanding physician...in every sense...

John R. | Jun 22, 2023
The best

Guillermo C. | Jun 22, 2023
I am a new patient. I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Wertman had read through all the paperwork I was asked to fill out. He was very easy to talk with and I'm pleased with our joint decision has to how to go forward with my Afib issues. I look forward to our next appointment.

Brenda G. | Jun 21, 2023
Very caring doctor, patient , and knowledgeable. I thank him.

Toraj B. | Jun 21, 2023
The best

Guillermo C. | Jun 20, 2023
Dr Mitiku and all staff very professional

Lucija J. | Jun 20, 2023
Dr. Wertman is very kind and clear discuss any health concerns

Richard C. | Jun 20, 2023
Thorough, good listener, reassuring - very thankful to have been able to see him.

Margaret L. | Jun 19, 2023
Dr Wertman is great Very thorough and comprehensive I recommend him highly Dave Sackett

David S. | Jun 18, 2023
Took plenty of time to explain and answered all my questions, completely confident in great hands.

Maihri T. | Jun 18, 2023
Great Doctor , very relational

Darrell B. | Jun 18, 2023
Dr Wertman always addresses my concerns and takes the time to hear me and suggests available options and follow ups. I appreciate his professionalism and personal touch

Gary E. | Jun 17, 2023
Good caring doctor who explains things well, not rushed. Tested to find serious heart problem prior cardiologist never bothered to look for. Credit to Apple Watch revealing chronic AFib

Steven H. | Jun 17, 2023
The Hoag "visit", top to bottom, beginning to end, check in to check out was an extraordinary experience of superbly first rate medical care. Could not have been in better hands. Dr. Mitiku and the entire staff (esp. RN Jayme) displayed superb professionalism and caring. Thank you. Norm Silvers

Norman S. | Jun 15, 2023
Dr. Mitiku helps me discuss diet and activities to improve my health instead of just giving me a prescription to cover up the underlying health problem.

Christopher A. | Jun 15, 2023
Always a great conversation and welcomed guidance!

Jonathan S. | Jun 15, 2023
he stays updated on the latest research....listening to my input and questions.

Enoch J. | Jun 14, 2023
They got me in quickly and the care is professional and efficient. Got all my questions and concerns answered to my satisfaction.

David M. | Jun 12, 2023
Two words come to mind “ FIRST CLASS” The Best Doctor Ever, front office and back office amazing!!!!!

Gregory R. | Jun 09, 2023
Great doctor, occasionally long wait times, but no different then just about every doctor I have been too.

Douglas B. | Jun 08, 2023
He explained my problem and will try to get to the bottom if it.

Clarice M. | Jun 06, 2023
Several unanswered questions answered. However, several of my questions might have been better addressed to Dr. Wertman who installed the Stent. Generally, it would have been helpful for patients to understand different cardiological focuses of Dr. Wertman and Dr. Mitiku to avoid wasting their valuable time. This is especially relevant for new patients who have never had to face heart issues. Plumber vs electrician really doesn’t cut it.

Regina G. | Jun 03, 2023
Very professional and thorough. Appointment was on time

David J. | Jun 02, 2023
The doctor took his time, to listen, examined me and created a plan for the management of my health issues.

Fatemeh A. | Jun 01, 2023
First appointment

Gary W. | Jun 01, 2023
My appointment was for a resting echocardiogram. I waited less than 5 minutes in the waiting room and was taken back to the exam but Crystal who expertly performed my echocardiogram. She was kind, efficient, and respectful of my personal privacy. The staff at Coastal Cardiology is always competent and helpful, and my cardiologist, Dr. Brett Wertman takes the time to review my chart and contacts me promptly. I would highly recommend this practice for any and all cardiovascular needs.

Danielle E. | May 31, 2023
The staff and doctor are very knowledgeable, answered all my questions. I felt very comfortable with them.

Karen P. | May 31, 2023
Always on time

Joseph R. | May 28, 2023
I had a concern about my heart muscle. There were no appointments until August, but they worked me in and the doctor saw me. I was very appreciative.

Donna R. | May 27, 2023
I appreciate the time Dr. Nguyen takes to ask and answer questions during an appointment.

Lori J. | May 27, 2023
Dr. W is a very nice caring thorough doctor

Thomas V. | May 26, 2023
Very informative

Kent C. | May 26, 2023
The procedure went just fine. The doctor was very professional and concise in explaining the details of the procedure. The nursing staff was just wonderful.

John D. | May 25, 2023
Very caring and thorough

Stephen D. | May 25, 2023
Dr. Wertman listens and is very easy to understand. I felt a little rushed but I should have had questions written down ahead.

Maryann M. | May 24, 2023

William B. | May 19, 2023
Good followup appointment.

Jan B. | May 19, 2023

Ronald B. | May 19, 2023
My only complaint is that is hard to get to the people to help me. Telephone area needs some looking at.

Marcia R. | May 19, 2023
Kelly was friendly and professional. Dr W was clear and succinct. I value his experience and attention to solving my issues.

Gael B. | May 19, 2023
The cardiac pacemaker down load was not done since y last visit. Someone did not follow through… no one was watching me…all the people timeIthought I was being taken care of. Dr. Mitiku corrected this issue, I think. Time will tell.

Kenji Y. | May 19, 2023
Dr. Mitiku is a caring doctor. He takes time for his patients, answers questions, listens, compassionate, and I felt he had my health concerns as a priority. Not all doctors share these qualities. After tests confirming my diagnosis, I went with his recommendation of an ablation. It was successful. I had high expectations for a doctor being an x-nurse. Dr. Mitiku and he staff have great follow through. Dr. Mitiku came recommended from my Hoag medical doctor. Hoag Hospital is top notch.

Norma U. | May 18, 2023
Other than leaving 5 messages for solange, trying to get an update on what was going on with my insurance after tests were decline, the rest of the office is great and the doctor is wonderful. Took time with me to explain things to me. When finally getting a hold of Solange the day before my rescheduled testing was done, all she said was "we are very busy." Amber was wonderful when my husband had to physically go into the office the day before to find out what was going on. Solange's phone call was after he did that.

Cindy C. | May 18, 2023
Amazing dr, the stuff is courteous

Bill B. | May 18, 2023
Cardiologist that is kind and very knowledgeable.

Annette V. | May 18, 2023
On time, friendly and efficient

Harry Y. | May 18, 2023
Nice people On time appointments Always have a good experience!

Larry G. | May 18, 2023
Great Exerience

Edward M. | May 18, 2023
Great Dr. Professional and caring staff

Marylin B. | May 17, 2023
Always informative. Dr. Wertman asks the right questions and answers my questions in ways I understand. I like his sense of humor and I like my cardiologist who’s ability to prolong my life is welcome.

Verdella A. | May 17, 2023
Everyone very professional , explains what they are doing and answers any questions you have.

Donna F. | May 16, 2023
Professional, direct and thorough.

Kim K. | May 16, 2023
Everything was great. The office staff, Dr Nguyen and the tech who adjusted the pace maker. Very pleased that I found Dr. Nguyen since relocating to south county.

James K. | May 16, 2023
Professional treatment and very knowledgeable MD

Haifa J. | May 16, 2023
Thank you

Sharon W. | May 16, 2023
Dr. Mitiku is easy to talk to and very down-to-earth. His responses are succinct and clearly stated. He inspires confidence.

Betsy S. | May 13, 2023

John S. | May 12, 2023
Knowledgeable cardiologist

James T. | May 12, 2023
very caring. feel very lucky. Dr.Nirode Mohanty

Sneha M. | May 12, 2023
Friendly staff, professional and knowledgeable.

Bau N. | May 11, 2023
Dr. Mitiku was knowledgeable & courteous during my visit. He clearly explained my condition & how he wanted to proceed to treat it.

Michael F. | May 11, 2023
Everyone was polite and professional. Dr Wertman took his time and listen to what I had to say.

Kimberly H. | May 10, 2023
Dr. Mitiku, is so friendly, who makes you feel, that you are in the hands of a member of your family.

Ragi B. | May 10, 2023
Well communicated

Brad W. | May 10, 2023
Very attentive

Benjamin R. | May 10, 2023

Stan C. | May 10, 2023
Doctor Mitiku took his time to explain and answer all my questions. He also gave me sample medicines as well as giving me the name of a lower cost pharmacy in Canada. I found him to be very kind, warm and patient.

Nina L. | May 09, 2023
Dr. Mitiku was attentive and candid about my hypertension. He understood that my goal was to make the lifestyle changes required to get me off of BP meds.

John "Mark" D. | May 09, 2023
Polite, professional, and answering all of my questions

Isabelle R. | May 09, 2023
I have a terrific Doctor!

Sylvia D. | May 07, 2023
Dr Nguyen provided a clear understanding of my issues and their causes. Service was prompt with excellent professional staff.

Phillip S. | May 06, 2023
On time Service good

Hanh P. | May 05, 2023
Very efficient easy to talk to great health discussion fabulous office and doctor

Mary J. | May 05, 2023
Excellent first visit experience. Staff went over and above to book appointment and make we feel comfortable. Dr. Nguyen is knowledgeable and kind.

Barbara C. | May 05, 2023
Dr Nguyen has taken care of my cardiac issues by prescribing the appropriate medication and dropping those which did not work. He also advised the appropriate tests and gave an informed diagnosis of my condition. He was also very approachable and patient, answering all the questions I asked.

Mohamed D. | May 04, 2023
Very helpful and friendly staff.

Chris F. | May 04, 2023
Dr. Nguyen is extremely knowledgeable and very compassionate. He listens and explains things thoroughly, and more than once if you need it :-) I've never had to wait long to be seen for an appointment, either to schedule or when I'm there to be seen. Thank you for the great care, Dr. Nguyen!

Karin L. | May 04, 2023
All around outstanding. Best doctor ever. Staff so pleasant and always willing to help, and they do it with a big great smile. All of the assistants in the back... cant say enough... no words ABSOLUTELY the best Thank you Dr Nguyen and staff. I am here 3 years later because of you. Thank you

Carlos G. | May 03, 2023

James R. | May 03, 2023
Dr. Wertman was very informative and definitely showed interest in my case.

Patricia Z. | May 02, 2023
Dr Huy Nguyen went though lab test results, reviewed medications, and advised not to skip exercise and have good diets. He let me know I don’t have to do treadmill test this year. We had a good conversation.

Yanni N. | Apr 30, 2023
Excellent visit and diagnoses...So helpful. ns

Norman S. | Apr 30, 2023
Good explanations.

Douglas S. | Apr 29, 2023
Professional and friendly atmoshere!!

Lois C. | Apr 29, 2023
Professional informative. Kind

Caroline P. | Apr 28, 2023
All with good experience

Toraj B. | Apr 26, 2023
Very efficient and caring. I was nervous but it was very easy.

Virginia R. | Apr 25, 2023
Dr Wertman is very thorough in describing what the problem is and his recommendations for treatment. His followup is impeccable. His office staff is always courteous and tkes care of the patients needs.

Martha M. | Apr 24, 2023
Answered all my questions in a way that I would understand. Was very helpful.

Hardin J. | Apr 24, 2023
The staff and the doctor always pleasant and helpful Always a great experience

Alice E. | Apr 23, 2023
Discussed my issues very professionally

Mohammad R. | Apr 22, 2023
I had a good experience and have already recommended Dr. Nguyen.

Michele P. | Apr 22, 2023
Dr. Mitiku is very knowledgeable, proactive, professional and personable. Takes time to explain and answer my questions.

Patricia P. | Apr 20, 2023
Very personable and friendly. Also explains information well

Anthony T. | Apr 20, 2023
Appointments are at the time they are scheduled, no extended waiting.

David S. | Apr 20, 2023
The staff is friendly Doctor Wertman answers any questions

Nancy D. | Apr 20, 2023
Just a scheduled follow up appointment. Very thorough discussion of my status.

Michael J. | Apr 19, 2023
On time, great physician

Marvin W. | Apr 18, 2023
very satisfied

Marvin S. | Apr 17, 2023
Dr. Nguyen is a professional and I appreciate the time he took with me to explain procedures and tests and the care he took with me to make me feel as comfortable as possible.

Janice D. | Apr 16, 2023
Staff and Dr. Nguyen took excellent care of me! I was very nervous but every test was explained in thorough detail and the staff was extremely professional.

Janice D. | Apr 16, 2023
Five star!

Joan G. | Apr 15, 2023
In addition to his clinical expertise, Dr. Wertman is very approachable, down to earth and empathetic. He really puts his patients first.

Deborah Y. | Apr 15, 2023
Thanks doctor for your time , patient and be so kind with my mother.

Judith P. | Apr 14, 2023
follow up from prior ablation

Richard A. | Apr 14, 2023
Dr Huy T Nguyen knows hi

Jackson Q. | Apr 14, 2023
Great doctor. Caring. Really listens to you.

Kristine C. | Apr 14, 2023
Great doctor. You get the full truth on things when you discuss something with him. Straight forward that’s what I like.

Shelly T. | Apr 13, 2023
The time and attention to any health concerns was amazing. Dr.Mitiku and staff are excellent. They are great about discussing any concerns and questions I have. The office is a long drive, but it is worth the time. I am delighted with the care.

Carole N. | Apr 13, 2023
This was a follow up visit. Services were provided on time and everyone in the office was courteous and happy.

Jack A. L. | Apr 12, 2023
Dr Nguyen is an excellent physician and I feel very blessed to have such a knowledgable doctor that provides me the very best care. If you have any heart issues, this is the MAN!

Timothy P. | Apr 12, 2023
Dr. Mitiku is very knowledgeable and skilled and his staff gives warm, gentle and thoughtful care to all their patients.

Mary Gene C. | Apr 12, 2023
Dr. Wertman is an easy Doctor to see as he explains everything in layman,s language we all understand. Both my husband and I see him and we are very pleased with his professionalism.

Mary W. | Apr 12, 2023
Dr was very professional and was caring about his patients.

Toraj B. | Apr 11, 2023
Five star!

Lon R. | Apr 11, 2023
Great friendly staff.

Joshua D. | Apr 11, 2023
Everyone was great except it was hard to get the receptionist attention because she was on her phone with ear plug. She was also abrupt with her answers, acting like not to be bothered. This was totally opposite to the great service with the echo, with the doctor and the appointment scheduler. Thank you!

Gary K. | Apr 11, 2023
My first visit with Dr Wertman. Everyone on staff was professional. Diagnostic tests were recommended and scheduled.

Stephanie P. | Apr 08, 2023
This was my first appointment with Dr. Mitiku. I wanted a second opinion from my previous cardiologist. Dr. Mitiku explained my condition and an action plan in terms that could I easily could understand. He is very thorough and professional and I feel very lucky to have found him.

Howard H. | Apr 07, 2023
Gives good advice for maintaining good cardio health.

Gerry E. | Apr 06, 2023
Always very professional. Dr.Wertman has been my cardiologist for several years. Excellent care. Listens to my concerns. I have full trust in his medical advice. Highly recommend this medical office.

Roger G. | Apr 06, 2023
Very professional staff. Dr. Wertman has a wonderful and caring bedside manner. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Susan W. | Apr 06, 2023
Dr. Wertman was very pleasant, listened to me and offered good advice.

Maryann M. | Apr 05, 2023
Great first appointment with Coastal Cariology and scheduled follow up for second appointment.

Peter L. | Apr 04, 2023
Doctor Wertman is a Great ,honest and knowledgeable Doctor

Mohsen K. | Apr 04, 2023
Dr. Wertman is everything one would want in a physician. His clinical practice is data-driven, and his approach towards the patient is personable.

Sunup H. | Apr 04, 2023
Dr Wertman are always professional caring

Paul G. | Apr 04, 2023
Friendly and professional. Always feel comfortable.

Steve Y. | Apr 04, 2023
Great experience.I am happy and satisfied that I chose Dr Wertman. I hope this relationship will help me in the future.

Chester M. | Apr 02, 2023
My autistic son has been having unexplained weight loss, as monitored by Dr Hirose and Dr Doonan. He also has unexplained fevers, many bouts of fatigue and low tolerance for exertion, sometimes sharp pain upon exertion or picking up something heavy. He has unexplained vomiting and sometimes coughs but does not have a cold. His legs and feet frequently get swollen and are often very cold. He has a heart monitor but I’m not sure what it is calibrated to monitor. Boston Scientific said doctors can select what to monitor for and if it’s not selected, it won’t be discoverable. I have no idea how much is being monitored. I’m afraid for my son because autistic people don’t get the same kind of care and I see him suffering on a day to day basis. I worry that he may have had endocarditis or some sort of circulation problem in 2022 and 2023 because of his symptoms.

James M. | Apr 02, 2023
Dr. Nguyen reviewed my prior test results and will call later after reviewing the monitor results.

Gerald H. | Apr 01, 2023
Great communications. Couldn’t get a better doctor.

Donna D. | Apr 01, 2023
Dr Nguyen is exceptional. He is patient, kind and knowledgeable. Trust him completely. But, the office staff could use improvement. It is hard to get through to them, have had to hound them to set up procedures, provide drs orders to hospital, etc. Hope they get more staff and trainjng.

Barbara B. | Mar 31, 2023

Josef P. | Mar 31, 2023
Dr. Nguyễn treated me with respect. Listened to my issues and recommended a plan to minimize discomfort.

Kenneth S. | Mar 31, 2023
Ver attentive

Steven G. | Mar 31, 2023
Dr WERTMAN has a very calming presence. He always fully answers my questions & never seems like he has one foot out the door (like some other Drs).

Melody J. | Mar 30, 2023
Dr. MItiku is also very kind, personable, patient and caring. His knowledge and professionalism is greatly appreciated. I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful individual as my physician.

Janice E. | Mar 30, 2023
Answered all questions in detail and with patience. I feel that we have found the right doctor

Rosemary H. | Mar 30, 2023
Very caring and puts time with patient

Asghar E. | Mar 30, 2023
Dr Mitiku always listens and evaluates my health issues without any arrogance. He is a very experienced and knowledgeable electrophysiology specialist.

Mehran S. | Mar 30, 2023
I had a stress test yesterday The technician was top notch she was efficient explained everything Dr Wertman was excellent as well explaining everything in detail Highly recommend Gus

Gustasp I. | Mar 29, 2023
Very attentive doctor.

Alice O. | Mar 29, 2023
Great experience

Ronald Michael F. | Mar 29, 2023
I have been seeing Dr. Wertman now for almost 9 years and all I can say is that he is FANTASTIC!! It is nice to know that you can have a doctor who listens to you, can get to the root of the problem if there is any and let you know where you stand right off the bat. He is always direct, straight forward and extremely helpful.

Ron G. | Mar 29, 2023
As always, Dr Mitiku is on time, has great patient rapport and does a teacher-quality job of explaining what is wrong with you, including drawing diagrams (which I am saving to be framed

Kathleen G. | Mar 29, 2023
Dr. Wertman has great interaction with me as a patient. He is very kind, gentle, knowledgeable and very willing to listen to what I have to say. His bedside manner is superior.

Charles S. | Mar 28, 2023
The service that I receive from Dr. Nguyen is excellent. Would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends.

George L. | Mar 28, 2023
Very professional, understanding, & able to put situation & treatments in perspective--Excellent

Lowell B. | Mar 28, 2023
The doc and technician were thorough, caring, and overall- excellent! Thank you!

David C. | Mar 28, 2023
Dr Mitiku explained my treatment plan clearly and listened to my concerns

Chris D. | Mar 28, 2023
I m very happy with the service that day provided

George A. | Mar 27, 2023
Everything is great the times I’ve been on this location keep up the good work

David C. | Mar 27, 2023
Dr. Mitiku provided the information about my condition and cardiac issues in an easily understandable manner.

Peter R. | Mar 27, 2023
Dr Mitiku was great as usual and the facility was outstanding. Thank you so much! Larry Bly

Lawrence B. | Mar 27, 2023
Dr. Wertman’s communicates in a clear and concise manner. He always takes time to answer any questions or concerns I have. He is a very sincere and caring physician.

Evelyn C. | Mar 27, 2023
Dr Wertman listens very effectively, provides strong recommendations, and treats you like a partner in managing your care.

Leo D. | Mar 27, 2023
Solange, was very kind and personable. She greeted me with a smile and was professional and genuinely caring. This mannerism is so important to me… especially when you’re dealing with matters of the heart.

Andrea C. | Mar 26, 2023
Easy friendly and very reassuring.

Deborah K. | Mar 25, 2023
Got me in fast to clear me for surgery. They were wonderful.

Pamela C. | Mar 25, 2023
Excellent Doctor

Manuel T. | Mar 25, 2023
Time well spent. As usual Dr Wertman was punctual and listened to all my health concerns/questions. His office staff is always happy and helpful. A nicely run office. I feel luck to having referred to him. GB

Gerald B. | Mar 25, 2023
Short wait, pleasant staff, great Dr.

Mario A. | Mar 25, 2023
When you’re effing with your heart, you want to have people you feel confident in, the doctors, Werkman, Mituku, make you feel like you’re in good hands!

Robert M. | Mar 24, 2023
Patience and knowledge of Dr. Wertman made my outlook toward future health outcome more attainable.

Regina G. | Mar 24, 2023
Dr Huy is compassionate and encouraging. He believes in using innovative methods as well. He is a fabulous doctor who truly cares about the wellbeing of his patients.

Lamour P. | Mar 24, 2023
Today March 23,2023 I arrived for my echocardiogram and I was pleased that Celia was just so warm and welcoming. She put me at ease and it was just a fascinating experience Watching the various components of my heart on the screen. Just amazing! How far technology has come. Then I met Jaclyn for explanation of the holter monitor. She was very kind in her explaination of how to put it on myself so hope I got it right! You have great employees. I also enjoyed your presentation at Reata Glen.

Nanette S. | Mar 24, 2023
Dr. Nguyen truly cares about his patients

Teresa K. | Mar 23, 2023
Great experience.

Michele P. | Mar 23, 2023

Sandesh G. | Mar 22, 2023
the staff were very professional, they went thought all the issues I have raised and setup action plan to address all the issues.

Hossein B. | Mar 21, 2023
My experience was pleasant. The Doctor and girls at the front desk are amazing ! However, it should be a preference wether or not to wear a Mask in your office.

Laurie J. | Mar 21, 2023
Excellent Doctor!

Troy B. | Mar 21, 2023
I did send a message on this site the first time I was asked to respond. I commented that the visit was very short. I wasn’t asked who am I or any information about my daily life now or my past. I requested that you have my previous records to know what Dr. Pagano has requested for my care. Thank you

Louise E. | Mar 21, 2023
Explains the issue very clearly.

Krishnaveni S. | Mar 20, 2023
Thank you for seeing me on a very short notice. Everything was on schedule and very professional. Thanks again. Dr. Satish V. Joshi

Satish J. | Mar 18, 2023
Dr. Wertman was very personable, ready to answer questions and discuss issues/perspectives in a professional and informative manner. The staff was courteous and helpful. All in all, a pleasant experience.

Theresa C. | Mar 18, 2023
Very knowledgeable and professional

Masoumeh N. | Mar 17, 2023
Dr. Wertman is not only a highly qualified cardiologist, but also has the demeanor and personality that puts a patient at ease. His patience and willingness to listen to and answer all questions and concerns causes me to conclude that he cares deeply about his patients’ emotional, as well as physical health.

Sidney L. | Mar 17, 2023
He is very nice.he give Suggestions cool.

Krishnaveni S. | Mar 16, 2023
Excellent Dr.

Zufeng L. | Mar 16, 2023
Dr Mitiku is very good! However, the office support has lots of room for improvement. It’s very difficult to get answers. After multiple failed attempts at phone calls and text, I had to physically go into the office, and tharen I STILL had to follow up with more phone calls.

Paula W. | Mar 16, 2023
Always a joy to see Dr Wertman. He always ensures a pleasant and well informed visit to his offices. The staff are on top of their game.

Joe R. | Mar 15, 2023
it was a follow-up and went well. he listened and answered questions well

Karyn G. | Mar 15, 2023
Always friendly, on time and comfortable

Brian B. | Mar 15, 2023
Awesome Staff all the way to Doctor Wertman. Very personal and ask you many questions on your health. I really enjoy seeing him and staff. Great Doctor!

Steve K. | Mar 14, 2023
Explained everything Not pushing me to do anything

Judith G. | Mar 14, 2023
Very good

Grigory A. | Mar 14, 2023
Dr. Huy Nguyen is an outstanding doctor. He spent a lot of time explaining my test results. I like the doctor he genuinely seen to care about my condition and was very helpful by letting me know about my options and risk factors.

Eddy A. | Mar 13, 2023
Very professional and thorough.

Dean B. | Mar 13, 2023

William S. | Mar 12, 2023
Dr mitiku takes time to listen and provide clear direction and support

Sarah W. | Mar 12, 2023
Patient with his patient. Takes time to talk to you and listen.

Padmini W. | Mar 11, 2023
Dr. Brett of Coastal Cardiology is excellent in taking care of my concern about my heart health issues. His medical staff is very efficient & professional in treating patient.

Karunesh S. | Mar 10, 2023
It was great! Dr Wertman is incredible.

Barbara S. | Mar 09, 2023
Dr. Wertman is one of the most gifted, knowledgeable, thorough, up to date, efficient, truly caring physician in the planet. We are truly fortunate to know him and appreciate his guidance through the years.

Annie C. | Mar 08, 2023
Life Changing

Andrew P. | Mar 08, 2023
DrWertman. is. Very caring. Listening to you. And he knows how to. Find the right treatment. Excellent cardiologist

Alin C. | Mar 07, 2023
Dr. Mitiku was great. Spent the time to explain issues clearly and how best to address them. Office was run with friendly efficiency. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a Cardiologist specialist.

Jody A. | Mar 07, 2023
Love my Doctor

Andrew P. | Mar 07, 2023
Terrific experience from scheduling to meeting with Dr. Nguyen.

John C. | Mar 07, 2023
Great experience with Dr. Wertman!!!

Waiming T. | Mar 07, 2023
Coastal is run very efficiently and is very easy to engage as a patient. Dr. Nguyen is one of the best doctors I have had in a very long time. He always has taken whatever time I need to enable me to understand the situation.

Robert B. | Mar 06, 2023
Dr Nguyen is always quick and pleasant to meet see!

Karen K. | Mar 05, 2023
My visit with you was pleasant, but brief. I don’t know if you have my records from Dr. Pagano. I was surprised that you weren’t asking anything about me or my life. I am sure that the tests you ordered are necessary. I would have liked more of an explanation, rather than just written orders. The staff was pleasant and helpful.

Louise E. | Mar 05, 2023
Changed insurance companies and needed a new cardiologist. First appointment with Dr. Wertmann. Short, get-aquainted visit primarily to renew prescriptions. He is well-credentialed, low-key, answers questions directly and without medical jargon, and I sense is somewhat conservative in his approach. Staff is friendly and welcoming, and seem efficient and capable. Office location on second floor is easy to find with plenty of parking in a modern new building. Two negatives. I had downloaded new patient forms from their website and had completed and delivered them abour four weeks ahead of this appointment. When I arrived, I was asked to fill out another complete set of forms. Second, I had downloaded my medical history from my prior insurance company and had delivered it on a thumb drive to the office two weeks ago. They could not locate it until someone remembered it lying on a desk in the front office. Both of these incidents are concerning as they are an inconvenience I was trying to avoid and a potential HIPAA violation with regard to patient privacy.

Michael E. | Mar 04, 2023
Dr. Mitiku, reviewed my records, listened my issues and spent adequate time to explain my concerns. Thank you so much!

Samson M. | Mar 04, 2023
Always great with Dr. Mitiku. The big negative I find, and it is true with most Dr offices, when you call, after all the recordings and number selections you can never talk to a live person.

Gary W. | Mar 04, 2023
Excellent service. The doctor was very helpful and so were his assistance

Loan H. | Mar 03, 2023
It was fine, I would like to know the results.

Nancy P. | Mar 03, 2023
Very professional,detailed explanation excellent patient care

Samantha S. | Mar 01, 2023
Great and efficient!

Eric N. | Mar 01, 2023
Brett is always available when I am in need of help. he works well with me to come up with good medical plans. He has kept me well for over 10 years.

John D. | Mar 01, 2023
Always polite and professional.

Lucian N. | Feb 28, 2023
Friendly and knowledgeable technician who did the stress echo.

Marianne T. | Feb 28, 2023
I received very professional good service, Dr Wertman is very knowledgeable of his practice

Ihsan J. | Feb 28, 2023
Very good.

Barbara R. | Feb 28, 2023
Dr. Wertman is an exceptional cardiologist who truly cares about his patients. He goes above and beyond to ensure that his patients receive the best possible care, and I cannot recommend him enough. If you're in need of cardiac care, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr. Wertman - you won't be disappointed!

Greg D. | Feb 28, 2023
I recently underwent a cardiac ablation procedure performed by Dr. Mitiku, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have had him as my cardiologist. From the moment I met him, Dr. Mitiku exuded a calm and reassuring demeanor, which immediately put me at ease. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Mitiku and his team were incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. They took the time to answer all of my questions and explain the procedure in detail, which helped to alleviate any fears I may have had. The procedure itself was a complete success, thanks to Dr. Mitiku's expert skills and precision. He clearly has a wealth of experience and knowledge in his field, and I felt completely confident in his abilities from start to finish. Dr. Mitiku's bedside manner is truly exceptional - he is kind, patient, and genuinely cares about his patients' well-being. He was always available to address any concerns I had, both before and after the procedure, which made me feel like I was in good hands at all times. Overall, I cannot recommend Dr. Mitiku enough. He is an outstanding cardiologist who truly goes above and beyond to provide the best possible care to his patients. If you are in need of cardiac care, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr. Mitiku - you will not be disappointed!

Greg D. | Feb 28, 2023
Very Professional

Zhihua Y. | Feb 26, 2023

Nancy S. | Feb 26, 2023
Staff and Physician were very considerate and willing to take time to listen to my concerns. All staff very friendly.

Martha M. | Feb 25, 2023
Dr Mitiku is the best! Thank you !

Merlene H. | Feb 24, 2023
Nice office and friendly staff. Doctor takes enough time with patient and discuss in details.

Dhruvkumar S. | Feb 23, 2023
On time for appointment, paid close attention to my information, encouraged next steps and adjusted regimen of meds for current status.

Arthur S. | Feb 23, 2023
Dr. Mitiku chastised me for being late. However, I had Received 2 messages from coastal cardiology. The first telling me I had an appointment at 10.15 and a later message citing the appointment at 10:30. Since the doctor complained that the vendor representative was no longer available to interrogate my pacemaker, I assume the first earlier appointment was to check my device (Pacemaker)., And the latter appointment was with the doctor. The automated messaging did not differentiate between the purpose or staffing of the two appointment times, and I assumed the 1030 appointment (which I arrived in time for) was the one to comply with. After telling me he wanted to see me in six months, the doctor left me alone in the room, and I last saw him with a bag slung over his shoulder, hustling down the hallway, apparently off to a lunchtime appointment. Let me make it clear that this is not a complaint, merely a sharing of my experience. I realize that doctors depend on physician-extenders and messaging systems to maximize the benefit patients receive from a doctor visit. Perhaps, you can arrange for appointment messages for device checks at coastal cardiology to read differently than physician meetings at Coastal Cardiology, and assure that a pattern of elderly patient handoff, from doctor to scheduling staff, occurs.

Gary S. | Feb 23, 2023
An annual visit that I look forward to. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. And Dr Nguyen is nothing less than the best. I trust him totally because I know he’s got my best self always covered. Thanks Huy!!!!

Rebecca S. | Feb 23, 2023
Excellent Physician.

Darius B. | Feb 22, 2023
Dr. Mitiku is very thorough. The office staff were efficient and organized.

Hamid F. | Feb 20, 2023
Dr Teferi Mitiku went over the EKG with me and explained it to me. He said I have a slight murmur in 2 of my heart chambers and my next visit I will have an Echo and then another visit I will have a heart monitor on for 2 weeks and then follow up with Dr Tefero Mitiku. Then decide what procedure to take.

Mary P. | Feb 19, 2023
I never have to wait for my appt. Dr. Wertman is a pleasure to have as my Doctor. I would highly recommend him to other patients. Yvonne Cole

Yvonne C. | Feb 18, 2023
I am receiving excellent care from Dr. Wertman. Thank you.

Kris V. | Feb 18, 2023
Excellent! People, procedures, and process information.

Richard W. | Feb 18, 2023

Brandon J. | Feb 18, 2023
Amazing experience! Every one at the office was prompt and professional. Dr Mitiku is sublime!

Oscar B. | Feb 17, 2023
Not a long wait. Everyone was very friendly

Louise R. | Feb 17, 2023
Dr Nguyen knows my history well. I trust that thé care he’s providing is what I need. The entire staff are professional and helpful. Thank you Coastal Cardiology

Pamela G. | Feb 17, 2023
your professionalism, patient care and the details were great !. My appointment was very timely, through and very positive. Doctor Mitiku took quality time , was very concise and explained the next phase of my upcoming testing. This was also very comprehensive as did the entire staff also explain the process. I’m very impressed and deeply appreciate all that you do,!!!! Sincerely, Bruce Clark

Bruce C. | Feb 16, 2023
This office seems to be very well run.

Wayne R. | Feb 16, 2023
Dr. Wertman is very friendly & caring person.

Mei Ing H. | Feb 16, 2023
Great service Explained all concerns

Bharati S. | Feb 15, 2023
Very pleasant office I know Dr Wertman since 2016, knowledgeable, caring, sincere

Eva L. | Feb 15, 2023
I met with Dr. Mitiku at the Ladera Ranch office on 2/13/23. My appointment was at 11:15am and was able to see Dr. Mitiku within a reasonable time. I felt Dr. Mitiku addressed my concern and provided a sufficient exam to eliminate the immediate need for any further cardio-pulmonary medical attention.

Randall J. | Feb 15, 2023
Dr Wertman is, as always has been, friendly, knowledgeable and takes the time to explain and ask questions. He is an amazing human being and not just a doctor.

Inas A. | Feb 15, 2023
Dr. Nguyen is great. Very attentive to my issues and has addressed them all

George L. | Feb 13, 2023
Dr. Wertman is a wonderful cardiologist. It is very hard to get through to his office. Phone system has improved, but is still a problem.

Hope H. | Feb 11, 2023
Dr. Mitku is friendly and accessible while very professional.

Michael R. | Feb 10, 2023
I was very well taking care of. Dr Teferi Mitiku was nice and caring.

Feyrouz H. | Feb 10, 2023
Great prep, very helpful and understanding

Moira M. | Feb 10, 2023
Great doctor and nurses

Joseph F. | Feb 10, 2023

Dwain R. | Feb 09, 2023
Staff was efficient patient kind made me comfortable

Padmini W. | Feb 09, 2023

Thomas R. | Feb 08, 2023
Dr is Very professional and detailed. Office staff very nice. I was a little nervous at first but staff and Dr made me comfortable.

Rosean M. | Feb 08, 2023

Jennifer A. | Feb 08, 2023
Always thankful for his knowledge

Daniel M. | Feb 08, 2023

Daniel M. | Feb 08, 2023
New patient. Everything went smoothly.

Thomas W. | Feb 07, 2023
Couldn’t have been more pleased with my initial visit. The entire office staff was extremely friendly and Dr. Wertman was terrific. Really eye opening to realize the difference a caring physician can make in your piece of mind.

Monroe L. | Feb 07, 2023
He was and is a friendly caring doctor. He did check me 10 years ago and did again in Jan 23. I do thank him.

Toraj B. | Feb 07, 2023
He was very kind and listen to me

Christy S. | Feb 06, 2023
Dr. Nguyen had reviewed my medical results and EKG thoroughly.

James C. | Feb 05, 2023
On time and thorough

Michael B. | Feb 04, 2023
Questions regarding EKG

Margo V. | Feb 04, 2023
Dr. Mitiku has very pleasant personality, he was explaining patiently all aspects of my health and potential future treatment if one will be required. Overall I am very much satisfied after meeting with Dr. Mitiku.

Jerry R. | Feb 04, 2023
Friendly staff, knowledgeable Dr , on time

Anwaar M. | Feb 03, 2023
The staff at the Ladera Ranch office is efficient, welcoming and quick to respond to your concerns. Dr Mitiku is very knowledgeable, makes simple visuals to help you understand, and helps calm down concerns re various problems. I heartily recommend him and this office for any heart related concerns. His people skills are exemplary.

Kathleen G. | Feb 03, 2023
Experience was easy and fast. All questions were answered.

Thomas S. | Feb 02, 2023
Dr. Mitiku is a very knowledgeable and caring doctor. We appreciate all his attention to our health concerns.

Milas K. | Feb 02, 2023
He is a great Doctor. He managed to maintain my blood pressure low.

Judy M. | Feb 01, 2023
I Like the dr but wearing a mask is totally against my belief system. This aledged Covid thing is a scam People were nice but were too insistent about cutting off my air supply People here in California have gone off their rocker. I know that they are just following orders but when is enough actually enough???? I am not a sheep.

Lila M. | Jan 31, 2023

Albert K. | Jan 31, 2023
Received a excellent exam.

Robert B. | Jan 30, 2023
I felt really comfortable with everyone and the facility was really clean.

Tanya C. | Jan 30, 2023
Friendly, and shows compassion.

Carol V. | Jan 29, 2023
The technician was excellent and very knowledgeable.

Anthony C. | Jan 29, 2023

George W. | Jan 29, 2023
Worked for me!!

Irvin K. | Jan 29, 2023
My experience was fine. It was just a follow up to previous Doctor. I just met new doctor so I don’t have enough experience yet to offer an opinion. Him seemed nice though.

Shelley M. | Jan 27, 2023
Dr. Nguyen is an excellent doctor very knowledgeable and kind. I am very grateful to be able to be treated by Dr. Nguyen. He always take his time to explain and think about a solution for my health issue. Also on case of an emergency I am able to get an appointment very soon. This is very important for me, my disease Plasma cell leukemia and multiple myeloma is end staged what is already life threatening and involves also the heart with different problems. Thank you to Dr. Nguyen and the team.

Annegret A. | Jan 26, 2023
Dr. Wertman is a great listener and has answers to my questions. He is very thorough and has a plan to move forward. He also suggested supplements which is rare for MDs these days. So grateful to have him as my cardiologist!

Stephen B. | Jan 25, 2023
Dr. Wertman is always attentive and provides create care.

Robert M. | Jan 25, 2023
He’s extremely knowledgeable, patient and cares for his patient. He spends time with patients to ensure that everything is fine.

Fattah R. | Jan 24, 2023
Dr Nguyen tells it like it is. He cares about his patients . He has gviven me great advice to keep me and my heart in good health.

Leonard P. | Jan 24, 2023
The receptionists were friendly. Everything was timely and professional. Also, if a patient has a question, he/she can just text and get a response.

Linda D. | Jan 23, 2023
I was seen within a few minutes of arriving for my appointment. The Doctor came in to see me before I had even finished my paperwork! Best Doctor’s Office experience ever, to be sure. Dr. Nguyen was more than prepared, he had already gotten all the records he needed and studied them before my appointment. I feel much better after my appointment with him, and am more than satisfied with my care. I will recommend him to any of my friends and family that are in need of a cardiologist.

Ruth B. | Jan 23, 2023
Dr. Wertman was very caring and interested in my care, and did not rush the appointment. I felt good when I left.

Anne O. | Jan 22, 2023
Dr. Mitiku reviews all personal info from your chart before talking with you, so he is up to date about your issues. He has a warm and intellugent demeanor which I appreciate.

Diana P. | Jan 21, 2023
This was my first visit and doctor was very attentive to my issues and has scheduled addtional testing.

Marvin S. | Jan 21, 2023
Dr. Nguyen is a great doctor. Didn’t feel rushed, answered all my questions.

Victoria H. | Jan 21, 2023
My first visit with Dr. Mitiku was very pleasant. He has a warm caring demeanor and seems knowledgeable. I am glad to have him as my doctor.

Catherine K. | Jan 20, 2023
The assistant was very professional. Dr. Mitiku was very knowledgable and read the EKG with good results for me. He does not need to see me again for a year as I just needed a base . A was very happy with my visit. Thank you.

Lois P. | Jan 19, 2023
Great that doctor called me! I am having difficulty walking. He went over my scans thoroughly.

George S. | Jan 19, 2023
Very professional, very efficient, friendly staff.

Alexander B. | Jan 19, 2023
Need summary of office visit. 1. New regime for Metoprolol daily dosages 2. Update on Xarelto daily dosage, continue or stop? 3. Update on Valsartan dosage.

Bradford D. | Jan 19, 2023
Every thing was done well

Ahmad S. | Jan 19, 2023
Crystal conducted my echocardiogram and she was wonderful.

Christina N. | Jan 18, 2023
I felt comfortable with the capable tecnician.

Gary E. | Jan 16, 2023
I really like this Doctor he listens. I would recommend to family and friends.

Sylvia D. | Jan 15, 2023
Great Doctor, like the Sand Canyon location as well!

Patricia S. | Jan 14, 2023
Confident in treatment by Dr Nguyen. Understmedical history!

Pamela G. | Jan 13, 2023
Dr. Mitiku and his staff members were very helpful upon my arrival. I received immediate attention. Dr. Mitiku's assistant was very friendly and thorough. Thank you

Debra Y. | Jan 12, 2023
As always your office is welcoming and friendly. The staff is very Consider

Rachel W. | Jan 12, 2023
Great doctor and staff!!! I recommend them highly!!

Todd T. | Jan 12, 2023
This was a first follow up visit to Dr Wertman’s office after a heart surgery he contacted. He was always friendly and patient. He explained things in a very clear manner. All of his staff was helpful and kind.

John Z. | Jan 12, 2023
Meet Dr Mitika for the first time. He knew most of my history before he even saw me. Explain everything that I will be going through in the next month with the tests he’s going to be doing. Very nice. Saw two different nurses in two different days both were very nice. Front desk was also very nice.

Patricia G. | Jan 12, 2023
It was my first time meeting Dr. Mitiku and I thought he was very nice. I admit to being shocked that I need a new surgery, but he explained everything to me and I am happy with that. Very good experience, thanks!

Richard Y. | Jan 12, 2023
Very thorough &”informative

Glenn E. | Jan 11, 2023
Dr. Mitiku was very knowledgeable and helpful with my condition.

Joann S. | Jan 11, 2023
Nice staff and competent doctor

Rick N. | Jan 11, 2023
Dr Wertman most thorough physician I have ever been treated by. Very calming yet informative

Kevin P. | Jan 10, 2023
Dr Wertman and his staff are very kind and knowledgeable.

Joann W. | Jan 10, 2023
Love Dr. Mitiku. He knows his stuff and has a marvelous bedside manner

Karen B. | Jan 10, 2023
Quick and easy. Dr. Nguyen is very helpful and reassuring.

Joseph R. | Jan 09, 2023
Staff is wonderful process went very smoothly and it was a great experience!

Peter J. | Jan 09, 2023
Outstanding. Arranged for an immediate EKG,had an office appointment on Friday, he had reviewed my medical history and recommended a pacemaker. Dr. Nugyen implanted the pacemaker the following Friday, January 6. Thanks to everyone at Coastal Cardiology.

James K. | Jan 08, 2023
Vein treatment went very well. Immediate results!

Pamela H. | Jan 07, 2023
Fast, friendly, and efficient! The least wait time I’ve had in a doctor office in many many many years.

Melanie C. | Jan 07, 2023
Dr. Wertman and staff did an amazing job as always. Answer all my questions and make me very comfortable during the process of my procedure

John D. | Jan 07, 2023
Staff polite & quick to assist. Doctor was very thorough in explaining my situation. I appreciated his knowledge of my medical history.

Marsha R. | Jan 06, 2023
Thank you for being on time with the call … A very thorough follow up appointment.

Joan G. | Jan 06, 2023

Timothy A. | Jan 06, 2023
His been my Dr. >3yrs and always very concerned about my well-being. A bit conservative, good judgement and easy to understand

Nancy Grace T. | Jan 05, 2023
Good doctor staff

Kyung N. | Jan 05, 2023
Dr Mitiku is outstanding!

George K. | Dec 31, 2022
Answered all my questions—changed Meds for the better

Peter A. | Dec 31, 2022
Love this Doc. Truly a gentleman that takes time to share and explain.

Anthony G. | Dec 31, 2022
Our visit was a follow up post surgery. Always great seeing Dr. Mitiku very efficient and an excellent communicator. I would like to have a telephone follow regarding my current condition and how can I improve my situation. Thank you, Charles Sprague 12/27/36 phone number is 951/682-9590

Charles S. | Dec 30, 2022
As always, Dr. Mitiku is friendly and a true professional. He is a knowledgeable and experienced physician dealing with complex issues. He always makes me feel I have made the right choice in selecting Coastal Cardiology.

Gregory D. | Dec 30, 2022
Great staff

Jeffrey L. | Dec 29, 2022
Great office staff and Dr. Wertman is phenomenal, takes his time, and truly cares

Ramyar J. | Dec 28, 2022
On time appointments Dr Mitiku takes time explaining And Answeing all my ???

Jacqueline O. | Dec 25, 2022
Hi is once again had another appointment and very pleased with everything in the way everything was handled. Nurse is very polite and doctor. Very professional. Thanks again very much. Cheers

Ross W. | Dec 24, 2022
Very efficient, personable and knowledgeable staff and doctor.

Roger S. | Dec 24, 2022
Dr. Wertman is an exceptional cardiologist, who truly cares about his patients. He is empathetic, he listens and takes the time to address all of your concerns.

Dominic V. | Dec 23, 2022
Very good and friendly

Rodney N. | Dec 22, 2022
Yes…That says it all.

Richard W. | Dec 22, 2022
Great experience. Never felt rushed and doctor answered all my questions in a easy to understand way. Felt comfortable the entire visit. Efficient and was running on time.

Ronald P. | Dec 21, 2022
Great first visit. Liking forward to meeting again.. I’m sure I’m in good hands with Dr. We’re an.

John C. | Dec 20, 2022
I saw Dr Wertman for advice on heart palpitation and varicose vein. He listened to my questions very patiently , checked my heart and legs, and gave me very good advice. He is a very calm person. I appreciated that very much. What I also liked about this clinic as a whole was the efficiency they demonstrated. I arrived on time and was greeted by friendly receptionist who found my chart right away. After a few minutes waiting, the nice nurse took me in for checks of my vitals and review of my medication changes. A few minutes later, Dr. Wertman came in to talk with me. On my way out, the nurse helped me make an appointment for a follow up. Overall, it was a great experience, and I highly recommend Dr. Wertman and his Clinic at Sand Canyon, Irvine.

Jane L. | Dec 17, 2022
Everything was perfect!

Mariia K. | Dec 15, 2022
I appreciate the time Dr Nguyen spent with me. I am confident that I am in good hands!

Laurie H. | Dec 15, 2022
Dr. Nguyen was fantastic. He helped me understand my symptoms and how to manage my issue. Additionally, he went above and beyond to give me an appointment summary before I left the clinic so I had my information right away rather than having it mailed to me later in the week.

Katie M. | Dec 13, 2022
Short wait in lobby. Dr Wertman entered room quickly, listened and answered my questions clearly. Felt very comfortable.

Monica D. | Dec 12, 2022
Dr. MITIKU spent more time for the patient, answered all the questions and especially after the procedure he himself phoned to follow up the patient instead of asking the nurse to phone. Thank you.

Oanh D. | Dec 12, 2022
I was treated well by all staff and was satisfied with the medical care I received. However, I was given so many pages of paper work to complete some requiring Insurance information even after I submitted my insurance forms on arrival. I was asked to list my medications on the forms but I was also asked what medications I was on by the individual who assessed my vital signs. In fact, I didn't have time to complete the forms until my visit was over!

Lois S. | Dec 10, 2022
Always a great conversation and guidance. I consider Dr. Nguyen a good friend.

Jonathan S. | Dec 10, 2022
Test went as previously explained.

George L. | Dec 09, 2022
Thank you for your time and 3 options. One more I need to explore. Do you have the name of an homeopathic Dr for me to go to? Best Regards Sandy

Sandra B. | Dec 08, 2022
Good visit.

Samuel M. | Dec 08, 2022
Very caring and knowledgeable about current therapies.

Alvina C. | Dec 07, 2022
Took me right in as scheduled Very professional and courteous. Testing went well and all questions were answered

Ray C. | Dec 07, 2022
Dr. Wertman and staff found an appt for me next day for painful vein issue. Problem solved! I appreciate Dr. Wertman’s caring demeanor and expert care.

Pamela H. | Dec 06, 2022
I was in and out of the office quickly and the staff was very friendly.

Jared W. | Dec 05, 2022

John S. | Dec 04, 2022
Thank you for Dr. Mitiku!

Satoaki O. | Dec 04, 2022
Great physician!

Gerard C. | Dec 03, 2022
I had a very good experience with Dr. Mitiku very professional, always taking time to go over any test & answers all questions so its understood, I have been a patient for the past 2 years & have gotten the best of care 100% of the time . thanks for being my doctor BOB W.

Robert W. | Dec 01, 2022